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Month: January 2017


Each Tuesday afternoon,  year 5 enjoy spending time in our fabulous school grounds to develop their orienteering skills. Working in pairs, the class are able to improve on a variety of map reading and team working skills whilst burning off some energy in a bid to be the first to complete each task!

Fun with Fractions

For the next few weeks we are learning about fractions. We have been using an interactive teaching program on the laptops to compare, order and find equivalent fractions.

Heavenly Handwriting

For the next two weeks there is a whole school focus on handwriting at Westwood. Each morning in year 5 we are writing poetry using the perfect ‘nip grip’ pencil position and joining each letter perfectly from the correct starting place.

Kara and Chelsea are the first to have their poems published on the blog this week!

Changing Materials

Year 5 were buzzing with excitement this afternoon as they took to their investigation stations and witnessed some freezing, boiling, evaporating, melting, dissolving, cooling and solidifying.

The afternoon began with a challenge: to retrieve the poor unfortunate Lego man, frozen in a block of solid ice. Working as a team, the children used their prior knowledge of ice and a little imagination to put the idea of friction, the warmth of their hands and a little salt to good use. Rio’s team were the winners!

During the second activity the children observed the differences when cold water was added to one pot of butter, and hot water to another.

The third part of the lesson really encouraged some deep discussions when we made jelly. To dissolve the solid cube of gelatine we used boiling water and helped the particles to separate by stirring the mixture. It soon turned into a liquid and conversations moved onto how we could reverse the chemical change and turn it back to a solid…

Year 5 talked about where the jelly would ‘set’ best and so this lead to an investigation. We currently have 5 pots of liquid jelly dotted around school:

  1. Fridge
  2. Freezer
  3. Outside
  4. Inside
  5. Dark cupboard

Do you think they will ALL set? Which will/won’t? Tomorrow we’ll check our predictions…



African Art

Check out some of the fabulous art work we have produced so far!


Happy New Year!

What a great start to the Spring term! I have been made to feel very welcome at Westwood so far and been thoroughly impressed with the quality of work produced by the children in year 5.

So far we have been experimenting with reversible and irreversible solutions in science, creating African art, writing persuasive letters and tackling fractions in maths! Its been a busy week so far with lots more fun to be had.

Check the Robin’s blog regularly to keep up to date with what’s going on in our class and to see some shots of the children in action!

Mrs Edwards 🙂



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