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Month: March 2017

Happy Easter!

Well done on all your hard work and efforts this term year 5!

Have a lovely Easter and we’ll see you bright and early on Tuesday 18th April!


….Don’t forget about your Ancient Greek research project!

Mrs Edwards 🙂

Game Makers

Having worked through the coding units on the iPads, year 5 are now expert game makers. They have been creating simple algorithms and programming cars to go through a maze to the finish line. Very creative and technical work!

Watercolour Painting

Our dragon art work is complete! After sketching, shading and perfecting our dragon eyes, we have added watercolours – using a variety of techniques to create shadow effects. We will display these with our reports in class.


Exploring Earth and Space

Over the last few weeks in science, we have been investigating the relationship between the Sun and Earth. We have learnt that throughout the day, the Sun appears to move from east to west across the sky. In reality, Earth is rotating from west to east. We have been using our shadows as evidence! Using chalk on a beautiful sunny day, we observed the movement of our shadows… When the Sun appears to rise in the east in the morning, its light casts long shadows that point to the west. As the Sun appears to move across the sky, our shadows change. At noon, the shadows become shorter. As the day goes on, the Sun appears to move toward the west.  Again, the shadows grow longer….but now point toward the east.

We also found out that before clocks and watches were invented, people used the Sun to tell the time!


Look how much our shadows moved in just 30 minutes…

…and after 2 hours! What do you notice about the length of the shadow now?

The Dragon Seeker’s Guide…

Well, here they are…a class set of dragon reports which outline the different species found on planet Earth and beyond. In these reports you will find out about what they look like, where to find them and what they are renowned for. You will also find tips on how to spot, tame or avoid them if necessary!

Dragon Watch


A huge well done to year 5 today for their superb performance in assembly. We were all very proud of you as you read your poetry, non chronological reports, showed your homework, sang aloud and entertained the rest of the school. They were all very nervous but…. it was alright on the night!




Our current theme in year 5 is centered around dragons. We are building up to writing our own non chronological reports and have been studying a variety of dragon species along the way.


As well as learning about the Manchester Ridgeback Dragon, we’ve looked at the Storm Unicorn and the Frost dragon. Now the children are inventing their own dragons and have spend some time interviewing each other about them!



The homework task for the next few weeks is a creative one where you can complete a range of activities related to our theme. Watch this space for our final reports and to see some of the fabulous pieces of homework completed so far!

Also, don’t forget it is the class 5 assembly on Friday – come and watch an episode of Dragon Watch Live!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been thinking about ‘bullying’.

It has linked in nicely with our class novel, ‘Journey to Jo’Burg’ where the Soweto riots in 1978 affected thousands of Africans and are a key part of the story. We have been discussing the differences and similarities between ourselves and decided a world where we are all the same would be incredibly boring!

By having things that are special about us, we stand out in different ways, and that’s what makes us unique. We talked about how we should celebrate what makes us special, not be nasty about the things that are different in others.

Bullying behavior can be:

Name calling

Hitting or kicking

Spreading nasty rumours

Talking about somebody behind their back

Posting an embarrassing video or photo of them online.




The pupils in year 5 have created some posters to put up around school to promote anti-bullying at Westwood.




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