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Month: April 2017

Greek Vases

Today we have been learning about Greek Pottery and the significance of the paintings on each one. After studying the patterns on existing pots, we designed our own!

Next week we will be using clay to sculpt our own 3D pots!


Greek Antiques

Have a look at all these wonderful artefacts made by the children of year 5 over the holidays. Our ‘Meet the Ancient Greeks’ topic has started well and after several PowerPoint presentations and some research sharing, we are more keen than ever to find out more!

Investigating Angles

During our PE session yesterday, we worked on matched and mirrored balances with a partner whist thinking about our current maths topic: Angles.

Acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles were made using different parts of our bodies on the benches, gymnastic boxes and on the mats. In pairs, we were able to hold some creative and tricky positions by counter balancing!


Back in the classroom we used Geoboards to make a range of polygons using set criteria. Robyn made a polygon with 2 right angles and 3 obtuse angles.


Half Term Homework: Research Project

Have you been on the internet, to your local library or flicked through history books at home? Have you quizzed your family and friends to see if they remember anything about the Ancient Greeks from their school days?

If so, post your fantastic facts below…

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