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Month: May 2017

Art Day!

It’s been a very creative day at Westwood today as we all completed a piece of beautiful art for our exhibition in July. Friends and family will be able to buy our finished articles which will be framed and hung in our very own Westwood gallery next term. Here’s a sneak preview…

3D Sculpture








After 4 weeks of designing, sculpting and painting…our Greek urns are complete. Each one has a unique set of images which depict a famous Greek myth or a battle between the Athenians and Spartans. During our topic, we investigated typical patterns from the Ancient Greek era and thought about these whilst decorating our pots.

Clay & Dough Modelling

Painting & Decorating



3D Shapes

How good are we? We’ve been creating some complex shapes from nets and describing their properties.

Lillie built a shape with 7 vertices, 12 edges and 7 faces…which 3D shape does she have?

Afterwards we were set a challenge…could we create a cube from a sheet of squared paper? We thought about the properties of a cube then set to work creating nets from scratch!

Athens V Sparta

Today we completed our research on the Greek empire and how it was maintained. The two main cities were Athens and Sparta. Although they were similar in some ways, in others they were completely different! We have been creating posters outlining the differences between how the cities were ruled, how children were treated, what they thought about education and their women!

We are now building on our existing IT skills to create PowerPoint presentations with our new knowledge. Watch this space for our completed projects…




Super SPaG

Today we have been investigating the verb prefixes ‘un’, ‘dis’ and ‘mis’. ¬†We built a selection of words from given ‘roots’ and discussed their new meanings. After that we created our own word searches and shared them with our friends.

Outdoor Maths-Investigating Angles

There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom!

….Not really, this is the title of our new class novel! The children in year 5 are thoroughly enjoying reading this book in groups, as a class and independently. As we explore the themes and delve into the characters’ thoughts and feelings, we have been empathising with Bradley Chalkers-the main character. Although he appears troubled and makes many bad choices in school, he really IS trying to be good!

Today we took our lesson outside and re-enacted chapter 24. Using the staging area, each group used the text to role play the part where Bradley’s friend, Jeff, is set upon by a group of mean girls!

…Back in the classroom, the boys couldn’t wait to read the next chapter!

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