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Month: June 2017

Science Day Extravaganza!


Children throughout the school took part in an amazing day of experiments and exploration yesterday! Each class held activities which focused on a different area of science. In year 5, our subject was ‘light’.

Take a look at what we got up to…

Cuerden Valley


This week we also enjoyed a trip to our local park with many other schools in the area. As part of the Pupil Parliament group, Sorrel and Chelsea helped organise a picnic with games and entertainment from the guitar players! Well done guys, we had a great time!

Walton Le Dale High School Taster Day

What a fantastic day! Fun galore was had at Walton le Dale today, where year 5 classes from around the local area met for a Roald Dahl themed day.

Here you can see the Maths, English and P.E activities we took part in. The buffet lunch was superb too.

Baby Quiz!

As part of our growing and changing science topic, year 5 brought in their baby pictures today and we guessed who was who…what a bunch of cuties they used to be!

Can you tell?


This week we have been talking a great deal about friendship. To begin with, we wrote letters to our best friends explaining why we enjoyed their company and why we thought they were special. We talked about what made a good friend and wrote our own ‘recipes’ .

Afterwards we took some time to celebrate each other by writing comments on a large piece of paper. Everyone had such lovely things to say and there were some real confidence boosting moments. Each member of year 5 is valued, cared for and invested in.


The Highwayman


Year 5 are thoroughly enjoying some classic narrative poetry this term and have had a lot to say about The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes!

The tale of Bess and her true love, spoilt by Tim the Ostler, is told through 22 verses of dramatic prose and is as exciting now as when it was written many years ago.

Here you can see some of the work we have carried out based on the text and our artwork inspired by verse 1.




Election Day!

Today year 5 have been learning all about the general election. After watching each party’s political broadcast, we had a deep discussion about their policies and talked about the benefits of living in a democratic society.

Everyone in class took part in a mock general election and most children said they felt empowered to be making such a big (albeit pretend) decision. Many wanted to keep their vote secret; we discussed how this was important too.

As we head off to bed tonight, we will all be eagerly waiting the results of the real election in the morning…


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