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Month: October 2017

Pro Connect!

This week we installed some new software called , ‘Pro Connect’.  When connected to the iPads or laptops, teachers can set maths activities, challenges and quizzes for the children to contribute to online. All the scores and results pop up on the interactive TV at the front of the class for all to see!

One of our SPaG objectives is to find synonyms for the word ‘said’. Check out how many we came up with using the ProConnect software.


Our Haigh Hall Adventure!

What an amazing day! Year 5 have had an excellent time climbing the high rope obstacle courses in the trees, taking the gladiator challenge, building dens in the woods and playing on the adventure play area.

There were some reluctant bodies at first but everyone had a go, faced their fears and even had an extra trip round the 40ft high ropes!

The outstanding behaviour and the quality of the childrens’ manners made the whole school trip a pleasure for the staff involved. It was a joy to see so many children proud of their achievements, and each other’s. It’s fair to say we worked as a team to help, encourage and support one another – objective achieved!

Well done year 5, you should sleep well tonight. 🙂


Gladiator Challenge-Race to The Top!

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Adventure Stories

Over the last 4 weeks, year 5 have been emersed in a range of rainforest based stories and encountered a host of new, exciting vocabulary. Through our SPaG work we have been playing around with sentence structures and used a variety of language features with our new vocabulary to create engaging descriptions. We have mostly been focusing on using simile starters, fronted adverbial and relative clauses.

Based on our class novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, each child has written their own adventure story with a descriptive opening, a tense build up, a dramatic dilemma and a clever resolution and ending!

You can read some of our stories by clicking on the thumbnails below …


Leaf Art

Following the study of Andy Goldsworthy’s famous sculptures, we have been creating our own nature inspired pictures. With a wealth of autumn leaves, in pairs and small groups we have made a range of wildlife animals. See if you can tell what they are…



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